Vehicle Related Technical Information

Inventure Automotive provides vehicle related technical information that can be acquired from CAN bus of the vehicle: total fuel consumption, fuel level, pedal positions, odometer status, engine coolant temperature, engine hours and other parameters.

What is a CAN bus system?

Modern vehicles have electronic control units (ECU) in order to provide operational, safety and comfort functions for the vehicles. These units talk to each other and change technical information such as sensor signals, control signals, etc. The communication among ECUs is established through CAN bus network that enables the exchange of the information. The following tasks should be solved in order to acquire vehicle related technical information:

  1. Listening what vehicle’s ECUs are "talking" about
  2. Understanding the vehicle specific "language" and the content of communication

Connection of vehicle’s CAN bus with AVL systems

Wire-to-wire (direct galvanic) connection with vehicle’s CAN bus might have impact on vehicle’s proper operation. OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) strictly prohibit such intervention in order to keep off any risk regarding safety and warranty issues of the vehicle. Inventure Contactless CAN adapter helps to avoid cutting or soldering CAN data cables and provides safe and reliable connection. Non-galvanic connection guarantees that no signal is sent back to the vehicle’s CAN bus.

What is an FMS Gateway?

Inventure FMS Gateway CAN bus interface for trucks, vans, passenger cars, buses, agricultural and constructional machinery - intelligent and cost-effective CAN bus interface with aim to monitor fuel consumption and other vehicle parameters. It helps to prevent fuel theft, avoid unnecessary operational expenses and protect the environment while driving smarter. 

Inventure FMS Gateway connects to the vehicle communication network, collects, processes using high precision algorithms and translates the information. Regardless of the vehicle brand and type the Inventure solution provides for GPS based fleet management (AVL) systems the real data in a standardized format.

Data types

Vehicle related technical information may include any kind of information that can be accessed via the CAN bus network of the vehicles:

  • Fuel level
  • Total fuel consumption
  • RPM
  • Pedal positions
  • Odometer
  • Engine coolant temperature
  • Engine hours
  • Other parameters

With vehicle related technical information you can

  • Detect tampering: prevent fuel theft
  • Optimize vehicle's performance: reduce fuel consumption and maintenance costs
  • Prevent unnecessary vehicle operating expenses: identify problems at an earlier stage and extend the life of vehicles
  • Optimize driver performance: reduce accidents, keep drivers safe and control when their habits might put them and others in danger, encourage and motivate safe driving
  • Reduce carbon emissions and make environment greener

 Supported protocols and standards

FMS Gateway interface for different vehicles types