Tachograph information

In European Union installation of Digital tachographs is mandatory from 2006. It has created new perspectives for accessibility of vehicle related technical information. The use of driver cards has made driver identification easy without installing any additional devices. The digital tachograph provides information about driving status (e.g. driving time).

Cost effective fleet planning with precise tachograph data

The vehicle positioning itself is not enough for optimum logistics planning. General estimation of driving time is not appropriate solution in order to plan effectively drivers’ time schedule. Inventure Automotive is able to provide proper driving information when precise tachograph data is acquired from the tachograph (DTCO) and forwarded to your server. 

Available data:

  • Continuous Driving Time
  • Cumulative Break Time
  • Current Duration of Selected Activity
  • Cumulated Driving Time Previous and Current Week
  • Driver Identification Number
  • Driver Working States

Digital tachograph remote download (DDD file)

Driver card data and digital tachograph unit (VU) mass memory must be downloaded periodically (according to EU regulations). Digital tachograph remote download function makes it easy. It helps to avoid time consuming manual download from the digital tachograph. This solution can be implemented and integrated into any AVL (GPS, telematics box) devices. Please kindly contact us for further details.

Benefits of digital tachograph information

  • Appropriate digital tachograph information, precise data
  • Digital tachograph remote download
  • Remote Card Authentication
  • Effective logistics planning
  • Online information regarding drivers’ working and resting hours
  • Monitoring and optimization of drivers’ time schedule
  • Reduction of time spent for administration
  • Improvement of efficiency of the fleet 

Supported tachograph manufacturers

  • VDO - Continental Corporation (DTCO1381)
  • Stoneridge, Inc. (SE 5000)
  • ACTIA (SmarTach L2000)