Fuel consumption control

Monitoring and optimization of fuel consumption are major issues for fleet owners in order to maximize return on investment. Precise and real data regarding consumed fuel is one of the keys for running cost-effective fleet. 

Fuel consumption can be influenced

Influence on fuel consumption

Fuel consumption is determined by technical level of vehicle. Modern Drivetrain Technology (e.g. 3rd generation of Common Rail Injection) cannot be compared with old mechanical systems. However modern drive train technology should be maintained appropriately as well.

Use of GPS based tracking device (AVL or telematics unit) is not enough to avoid fuel manipulation (fuel theft). There are many tricky ways of fuel manipulation including the stealing of fuel from the tank, invoice manipulation and other.

Vehicle handling plays significant role in composition of fuel consumption. Vehicle handling can be influenced by operating circumstances (highway, in-land transport, urban distribution, construction, etc.) and driving style (Eco-driving).

CAN bus based fuel management

CAN bus based fuel data is available in most of modern vehicles. It has many advantages against fuel flow meters and fuel level sensors, such as easy installation, no warranty issues and comprehensive information regarding the vehicle.

Inventure FMS Gateway for trucks, vans, passenger cars, buses, agricultural and constructional machinery - intelligent and cost-effective CAN bus interface with aim to monitor vehicle technical information and driving styles, improve fuel consumption and driver behavior. The interface connects directly to vehicle’s CAN bus, collects, processes using high precision algorithms and translates the information.

Off-line fuel monitoring

The advantage of CAN bus off-line system is that there is no data transfer cost and system is under fleet owner’s control. This off-line solution contains FMS Gateway CAN bus interface, CAN data recorder device (e.g. Inventure FMS CDR) and PC based software that supports the download and evaluation of CAN data.

On-line fuel monitoring

On-line system is flexible and remotely accessible via a GPS based tracking device (AVL, or telematics unit).  This system contains Inventure FMS Gateway CAN bus interface that provides vehicle related technical information. The raw data is transmitted to the tracking system and processed by software.

With Inventure Fuel Consumption Control Solutions you can

  • Collect precise data regarding real time fuel consumption
  • Detect tampering, fuel theft
  • Motivate safe and efficient driving
  • Reduce CO2 emissions using High Resolution Fuel Consumption data

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