“Providing driver behavior data will be the most valuable connected service in the future. Fleet managers are focusing heavily on driver behavior, driven in part by legislation but also because here are savings and business opportunities,” has stated Telematics Update in its Connected Fleet report 2014.

Inventure Automotive has led various projects (MOLTrans Hungary, Porsche Hungaria) in this field. Our expertise shows that with monitoring driving behavior fuel consumption could be reduced by 10-30 %. Besides that benefits of Eco-driving are reduction of accidents by 20-30% and vehicle maintenance costs, optimization of vehicle and driver down time, protection of climate and decrease of CO2 emissions.

Fuel efficiency, Vehicle maintenance and Lifetime

Improvement of driver behavior (Eco-driving) can lower fuel consumption by 10-30%. Careful vehicle handling and professional usage of advanced vehicle technologies have great influence on vehicle’s maintenance, repair and lifetime. Appropriate driver behavior turns directly into lower number of accidents and insurance costs, less vehicle and driver down time.

SAFETY on the road

Conscientious and safe driving style helps to reduce accidents by as much as 20-30%. Driver behaviour monitoring plays significant role in running cost-effective fleet. It helps to keep drivers safe and control when their habits might put them and others in danger.

Go green

Emission of CO2 affects human health and environment. Eco-driving considerably contributes to climate protection and pollution reduction. The great opportunity of Eco-driving is that it can provide immediate improvements in reduction of fuel and carbon dioxide emissions.  

FMS Gateway interface for different vehicle types

Besides FMS CAN devices Inventure delivers client focused services by challenging, identifying key areas, analyzing requirements and providing the most cost-effective solutions which bring significant value to companies operating vehicle fleets.