Inventure Automotive delivers client focused solutions by identifying key areas, analyzing requirements and providing the most comprehensive approach for companies operating vehicle fleets. 

Inventure Solution for Vehicle Related Technical Information

Monitor vehicle technical parameters and driving styles, avoid unnecessary operational expenses and protect the environment. 

Inventure Solution for Fuel Consumption Control

Monitoring and optimization of fuel consumption are major issues for fleet owners in order to maximize return on investment. 

Extended vehicle specific data Inveture Solution

Inventure Automotive is able to deliver an extended vehicle related technical information which can be found on vehicle’s CAN bus.

Tachograhp information Inventure Solution

Remote digital tachograph information - optimize efficiency of your fleet, plan drivers' time schedule and reduce administration costs.

Driver Behavior Monitoring (Eco-driving)

Fleet managers are focusing heavily on driver behavior, driven in part by legislation but also because here are savings and business opportunities.

Trailer Information | Inventure FMS Gateway

Inventure provide contactless connection from the vehicle Trailer CAN bus and processes the communication between trailer and tractor.