Hardware and Software Integration

Competition leads telematics device manufacturers to find more and more economical ways to provide services, without sacrificing quality. To achieve this goal Inventure Automotive offers hardware and/or software integration as the optimum solution.

CAN bus hardware and software integration can be realized on 2 levels

  1. We offer our expertise in developing your specific CAN bus hardware interface into your telematics device that can run Inventure FMS Gateway software modules.
  2. We develop dedicated software applications for you that can be easily integrated into your telematics devices.

The integrated system becomes competitive in the market, representing state-of-the-art technology, with low time-to-market, but without compromising quality.

You can contact us with any of the following issues

  • Reduce system costs by integrating solutions into one box
  • Need of CAN data into your telematics system
  • Need an expert in integration of hardware and software modules
  • Plan to do integration on you own and you are looking for complete solution

Benefits of software and hardware integration provided by Inventure Automotive

  • 15 years of experience in automotive industry and telematics
  • Participation in integration with many different AVL systems and devices
  • In-house development and production of CAN bus solutions
  • Flexibility, unique solutions for complex tasks and systems

Please feel free to contact us in order to receive further information.