Consulting Partnership

Large vehicle fleets are typically mixed: they consist of various vehicle brands and types, they have old vehicles without a CAN bus system and new ones with advanced technology. Fleet owners are interested in cost reduction and they would need better understanding behind the data provided by AVL and CAN bus systems.

Complex tasks and systems like these may require thorough preparations and expertise to consider all the important details for successful realization. Inventure Automotive, using its relevant experience, offers consulting partnership to the customers on the areas below:

  • Preliminary trainings on state-of-the-art in telematics
  • Requirement management for large, inhomogenous fleet
  • Feasibility studies
  • Potential supplier identification
  • Cost calculation and ROI estimation
  • Creation of tender technical specification
  • Carry out pilot tests on critical components
  • Supply quality control (system, device and installation)
  • Business intelligence (BI) on collected data

To maximize return on investment and become familiar with fleet management systems, Inventure provides custom consulting services to its partners. There are multiple options to reach targeted proficiency.

Benefits of choosing Inventure Automotive for consulting partnerships

  • Almost twenty years of experience in automotive industry
  • Successful projects in launching complex telematics systems
  • In-house development and production of CAN bus solutions
  • Expertise on various telematics systems and devices
  • Competent team in 4 different fields:
    • Fleet Management Systems
    • CAN bus Technology
    • Automotive Measuring Technology
    • Brake System Qualification

Please kindly contact us for further details.