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System installation services, Inventure FMS Gateway CAN Bus interface

Installation of Inventure interfaces and adapters can be done easily, but we also are able to provide system installation upon your request.

Technical Support provided by Inventure Automotive

We have advanced and comprehensive experience in system integration process when telematics devices are combined with CAN interfaces.

Consulting Partnership on Telematics Systems | Inventure Automotive Inc.

Industry leading expertise in automotive electronics and CAN bus technology for 15 years is one of the keys to successful and long-term business relationship.

CAN Bus Software and Hardware Integration | Inventure Automotive Inc.

Take advantage of Inventure Automotive to integrate CAN bus interfaces with dedicated software applications into your telematics devices.

Custom Development | Inventure FMS Gateway CAN Bus Interface

When standard devices are not enough, our experienced engineers are ready to provide tailor-made solutions.