FMS Gateway for Buses and Coaches

Successful and cost effective bus fleet operation presumes the usage of GPS based fleet management (AVL) system. Inventure FMS Gateway for Buses and Coaches can be integrated with existing and newly installed fleet management systems in order to measure vehicle related technical information.

One of the main tasks of fleet management systems is the control of vehicle’s fuel consumption. Inventure FMS Gateway for Buses and Coaches makes  vehicle specific technical information available: total fuel consumption, fuel level, total vehicle distance, total engine hours, etc. We are also able to provide extended information (e.g. door control) depending on brand and type of the vehicles. 

Inventure FMS Gateway connects to the vehicle communication network of the vehicle, collects, processes and transmits vehicle related technical information to GPS based fleet management (AVL) systems. The Inventure FMS Gateway supports CAN (FMS Standard compatible), serial (RS232) and Bluetooth outputs.

As safety is a high issue for bus fleets Inventure FMS Gateway is recommended to be installed with Contactless CAN/J1708 adapter and connected to the vehicle’s CAN bus.

With Inventure FMS Gateway you can

  • Monitor and control fuel consumption
  • Receive precise vehicle related technical data
  • Motivate safe and economical driving
  • Plan preventive maintenance of the vehicle
  • Optimize operational costs of your fleet

Inventure FMS Gateway CAN bus interface for buses and coachesMain features

Standardized data

Output according to FMS Standard


  • Easy integration with Fleet Management Systems 

  • Reliable and precise data
  • The data cannot be manipulated
  • General solution for the entire fleet
  • Reusable hardware - only software needs to be updated
  • No warranty issues - installation with Inventure Contactless CAN adapter
  • UN ECE type approval (E7)

Inventure FMS Gateway for Trucks is recommended to be installed with  Inventure Contactless CAN adapter in order to avoid incorrect connections and any vehicle warranty issues. The non-galvanic method guarantees that no signal is sent back to the vehicle’s CAN bus. The adapter can either be used together with Inventure FMS Gateway, or independently, with any GPS based vehicle tracking (AVL) systems.