FMS Gateway for Vans

As vehicle operational expenses are increasing, precise information regarding technical condition of the vehicle is becoming more critical. Manufacturer’s FMS interface is not available in vans. Fuel tank shape and position in several vehicle brands does not allow installing additional fuel tank sensor.

The Inventure FMS Gateway for Vans is the intelligent and cost-effective CAN bus interface connects to the vehicle's communication network, collects, processes using high precision algorithms and transfers vehicle related technical information to GPS based fleet management (AVL) systems. It provides perfect solution for transmitting information regarding fuel level, total fuel consumption, odometer, engine temperature data, etc.


  • Reduce fuel costs
  • Stop fuel theft
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Plan preventive maintenance
  • Monitor driver behavior

The Inventure FMS Gateway supports multiple output protocols such as CAN (FMS Standard compatible), serial (RS232) and Bluetooth.

Main features

Inventure FMS Gateway CAN bus interface for Vans

Standardized data

Output according to FMS Standard


  • Solution based on real vehicle information when additional fuel tank sensor cannot be built in
  • Integrated solution for the entire fleet
  • Optimal for inhomogeneous fleet and different model years 
  • Easy integration with Fleet Management Systems 
  • Reliable and precise data
  • Reusable hardware - only software needs to be updated

Inventure FMS Gateway for Vans is recommended to be installed with  Inventure Contactless CAN bus adapter in order to avoid incorrect connections and any vehicle warranty issues. The non-galvanic method guarantees that no signal is sent back to the vehicle’s CAN bus. The adapter can either be used together with Inventure FMS Gateway, or independently, with any GPS based vehicle tracking (AVL) systems.