FMS Gateway for Passenger Cars

There is an increasing demand for optimization of passenger cars' operation. Inventure FMS Gateway transmits precise vehicle related technical information which helps to reduce fuel costs, decrease CO2 emission and maintenance costs of the vehicle as well.   

Inventure FMS Gateway for Passenger Cars - intelligent and cost effective CAN bus interface with aim to monitor fuel consumption and other vehicle parameters. It helps to prevent fuel theft, avoid unnecessary operational expenses and protect the environment while driving smarter. Inventure FMS Gateway connects to the vehicle communication network, collects, processes using high precision algorithms and transfers vehicle related technical information to GPS based fleet management (AVL) systems. 

With Inventure FMS Gateway CAN you can

The Inventure FMS Gateway supports multiple output protocols such as CAN (FMS Standard compatible), serial (RS232) and Bluetooth

Inventure FMS Gateway CAN bus interface for passanger carsMain features

Standardized data

  • Vehicle CAN input
  • CAN, RS232, Bluetooth output
  • Output data in accordance with FMS Standard 

Output according to FMS Standard


Inventure FMS Gateway for Trucks is recommended to be installed with Inventure Contactless CAN adapter in order to avoid incorrect connections and any vehicle warranty issues. The non-galvanic method guarantees that no signal is sent back to the vehicle’s CAN bus. The adapter can either be used together with Inventure FMS Gateway, or independently, with any GPS based vehicle tracking (AVL) systems.