FMS Gateway for Construction Machinery

Construction machinery consumes a lot of fuel therefore precise monitoring of fuel consumption is crucial. Fuel management for construction machinery (excavators, shovel loaders, road pavers, drum rolls, etc.) is very challenging as additional fuel sensors cannot be built in easily. Difficulties in forecasting fuel consumption during operating hours of the machinery and unpredictable operational circumstances can have great impact on it as well.

Inventure FMS Gateway for Construction Machinery easy to install solution designed to deliver precise vehicle related information such as total fuel consumption, fuel level, RPM total engine hours and other parameters.

With Inventure FMS Gateway you can

  • Have precise data on operating hours of construction machinery
  • Control fuel consumption
  • Stop fuel theft
  • Minimize down-time
  • Reduce maintenance costs of vehicles
  • Monitor technical condintion and plan preventive maintenance
  • Track operator’s productivity
  • Have the same solution for different brands

We at Inventure Automotive understand the complicity and uniqueness of these types of vehicles. When standard devices are not enough, our experienced engineers are ready to provide tailor-made solutions regardless of the country the company is based in. We deliver client focused services by challenging, identifying key areas, analyzing requirements and providing the most cost-effective solutions which bring significant value to companies operating vehicle fleets. Please kindly contact us for further information.

Inventure FMS Gateway CAN bus interface for consturctional machineryMain features

Standardized data

Output according to FMS Standard


  • Easy integration with Fleet Management Systems 

  • Reliable and precise data
  • The data cannot be manipulated
  • General solution for the entire fleet
  • Reusable hardware - only software needs to be updated
  • No warranty issues - installation with Inventure Contactless CAN adapter
  • UN ECE type approval (E7)

Inventure FMS Gateway for Trucks is recommended to be installed with  Inventure Contactless CAN adapter in order to avoid incorrect connections and any vehicle warranty issues. The non-galvanic method guarantees that no signal is sent back to the vehicle’s CAN bus. The adapter can either be used together with Inventure FMS Gateway, or independently, with any GPS based vehicle tracking (AVL) systems.