Contactless CAN/J1708 sensor


Acquirement of  vehicle related technical information requires connection to CAN bus. Intrusive methods are highly not recommended in order to keep CAN bus integrity and avoid any vehicle warranty issues. Inventure Automotive has developed a contactless listening adapter for safe data reading from CAN bus of the vehicle without creating direct, wire-to-wire connection.

During the development of Inventure Contactless CAN sensor it was very important that the contactless device is compatible not only with Inventure FMS Gateway CAN bus interface but with any independent telematics boxes. As follows Inventure offers safe connection and data reading to any System Integrators or Fleet Management service providers.


Inventure Contactless J1708 sensor ensures safe data read from vehicle J1708 bus without any disruption. This way any vehicle warranty and safety issues can be avoided. The non-galvanic connection guarantees that no signal will be sent back to the vehicle J1708 bus. Inventure Contactless J1708 sensor can either be used together with Inventure FMS Gateway CAN bus interface, or independently, with any telematics (AVL) devices.


  • Avoid cutting or piercing CAN data cables
  • Replace many different vehicle-specific cables by a universal solution
  • Connect to vehicle CAN bus at any accessible area (not only at connectors)
  • Transmit signal to a long distance - 1.5m by default and it can be extended to 20m or more
  • Install system easily and quickly

Contactless CAN

Inventure Contactless CAN sensor connection method


Key features

  • Contactless signal sensing
  • High disturbance immunity, low error rate
  • Low current consumption (less than 3 mA @ idle)
  • Protected against

    • wrong connection (of any kind)
    • overvoltage transistent


Inventure Contactless CAN sensor can be used

  • Independently
  • Together with Inventure FMS Gateway CAN bus interface
  • Directly connected to any AVL devices
  • Fuel management
  • Vehicle dynamics
  • Acceleration measurement
  • Signal converters (e.g. speed signal for taximeter)
  • On-board display (e.g. vehicle weight display, FMS display)

Technical details

  • Nominal signal level: ISO 11898 5V HS-CAN (2 Vpp)
  • Baud rates: 50 to 1000 kBaud
  • Mode display:
    • Standby (Red)
    • Communication (Green)
    • Reverse data polarity (Amber)
    • Overheat (blinking Amber/Green)
  • Power supply voltage: 7...32 V (40 V max), reverse polarity protected
  • Output: HS-CAN, 1.5 m twisted pair, Molex Minifit connector, or free leads
  • Size: 35x35x15 mm (without mounting flanges)
  • Stand-by detection time: 2 sec
  • Common mode noise immunity: 20 Vpp / 2us
  • Bus load limit: none