About us

      Industry leading expertise in automotive electronics and CAN bus technology
      for 17 years
      Global research and development, production and distribution
      Intelligent, fully comprehensive solutions
      Satisfied customers in 70 countries across various industries
      Highly qualified engineers
      Close cooperation with Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Inventure Automotive Electronics Research & Development, Inc. has been established in 1997 with the aim to develop state-of-the-art products for automotive electronics market and provide cost-effective solutions at superior technical level.

The company primarily specialized in development and production of professional automotive measuring instruments and electronic control units (ECUs), providing customized solutions to the clients with the help of continuous innovation and R&D that is part of the company culture.

The main areas of the activities are own product development, production and distribution, external development services on a commission basis and applied research in close cooperation with the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

Worldwide presence - satisfied customers in 70 countries